EI 30 (clip-clap)

  • General features:
  • Product composition:
  • Concealed aluminium frame with thickness 1,75 mm, with heat treatment T5 and alloy AIMg0,7Si-6063 (EN 573 and EN 755)
  • Two fire-rated plasterboards 12,5 mm (type F, according EN 520) bolted. Fire reaction: A2-s1, d0 (EN 13501)
  • Reinforcement brackets thickness 1,25 mm, DX51 D galvanized steel with anti-corrosion treatment Z-200 (EN 10346).
  • Stainless steel springs.
  • Easy open: spring system "clic-clap" (push-release);
  • Full access with removable door;
  • Central half-open aperture retention system.
  • The trapdoor has an intumescent graphite seal built into the profile around the outer frame. The seal expands in case of a fire and seals all the empty spaces between the inner and outer frames so that fire, smoke and hot gases do not pass.
    • Application:
  • False ceilings and wall partitions (until 600x600 - tilting type opening - above springs) with thickness 25 mm (2 x BA13 or BA25) or other thickness, when required EI30 fire rate.
  • For other sizes to partition application: indicate at the inquiry / order.

    • Laboratory Tests / Certifications:
  • Fire resistance = Class: EI 30 (Standards EN 1363-1, EN 1634-1 and EN 13501-2)
  • *** Tested on TWO possible FIRE SENSES.

    • Standard Dimensions
    Code Dimension (mm): Weight (Kg):
    2502.EI30 300x300 4
    2503.EI30 400x400 6
    2504.EI30 500x500 9
    2505.EI30 600x600 11
    2507.EI30 800x800 22
    2509.EI30 1000x1000 32
    2513.EI30 600x1200 20

    Other sizes upon request.